We have a wide range of activities for all ages to make your stay with us a memorable one. Our highly trained service crew will provide instruction where required to ensure you get the most enjoyment from the activity.


We have one sheltered range and all the required equipment. Archery is run by Well End Service Crew instructors to Grand National Archery Society Sports Leader Award standards. Groups who wish to instruct themselves must have an instructor with G.N.A.S. Sports Leader Award qualification and bring their certificates with them.

  • Outdoor range with covered area for participants
  • Three shooting positions on the range
  • Equipment suitable for 8 years upwards
  • Covered under the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) regulations
  • Includes a trained instructor
  • Groups of up to 12 per session

Price is £40 with instructor for 55 min session

Vertical Wall

The vertical wall is a 7.3 metre 4 person climbing wall which can be climbed by people of various skill and ability due to slight differences between the 4 routes.

It takes it shape directly from rocky surfaces which give it a realistic look and feel without being abrasive and can be used alongside the handholds during climbing. A buzzer at the top, allows climbers to signal that they have made it before beginning their descent to the bottom.

The auto belay system automatically lowers climbers when they let go of the wall and adjusts to each climber’s weight to provide a safe ride back to the ground. 

Price is £40 with instructor for 55 min session

Air Rifle 

Well End has one indoor range. Air Rifle shooting using .177 calibre rifles is run by Well End Service Crew instructors holding the National Small-bore Rifle Association Youth Leader qualification.

Groups who wish to instruct themselves must have an N.S.R.A. qualification and bring their certificates with them

Price is £40 with instructor for 55 min session

Traverse Wall

The Traverse Wall offers a great climbing experience – even to those who are scared of heights.The Traverse included is a 25 metre traverse wall to keep everyone entertained. Suggested group number is 12. Suitable for 6 years upwards and/or 1.2m in height.

This is a self supervised activity. Staff will show you the equipment and the activity area if not previously used.

Crib sheet is available from the Site Office.

Price is £20 for 55 min session

Photo Quiz

Photo Quiz is a fun tour of the site to find where and what each picture is. Supplied in packs of 12 plus an answer sheet. Suitable for 6 years upwards. This is a self supervised activity.  Crib sheets is available from the Site Office.

Price is £6 per pack of 12


Well Ends Orienteering course is available without a compass. A fun course for 6 years upwards. Packs of maps are for sale in the office.

Price is £6 per pack of 12

Bouncy Castle

Well End have a bouncy castle available for on site hire. The bouncy castle size is 4.5m x 4.09m x 3.7m. 

There is a height limits on this bouncy castle 

  • 1.0 metres - 9 users
  • 1.2 metres - 7 users
  • 1.5 metres - 5 users 
Price is £30 + £10 per hour

Cave Bus

Well End are able to offer a caving experience thank to www.cavebus.co.uk.

The Cave bus is a mobile simulated caving system built in a former service bus. The bus is a great introduction to caving as it has panels we can open to help those that are scared of the dark and small spaces. Suitable for 6 upwards   

Price is £40 per 55 min session


An ideal activity for beavers and brownies to have the opportunity to score points on our suction crossbow range.

Price is £20 per group of 12, 55 min Sesions


Pioneering Poles and lashings are available for use during your camp. Pioneering requires a familiarity with knots and lashings and their appropriate use. With the more ambitious projects teamwork and forward planning will be paramount. From ballista’s to monkey bridges to a simple camp gateway pioneering provides both the enjoyment and practical sides of knots and lashings. There are plenty of poles 3.6m and 1.8m long and all you will need to provide is any 'long heavy' ropes. Please return the poles the same day so others can try this activity.

Team Challenge Games (Knockout)

Team Challenges are stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together.  Many team building and initiative tasks are like kids games, others are novel, complex tasks and designed for specific needs. Suggested 2 groups of 6.  This is a self supervised activity. Staff will show you the equipment and the activity area if not previously used.

Outdoor price is £40 for 55 min session

Indoor price is £20 for 55 min session

Shelter Building

Teams aim to build a watertight shelter in the woodland, using a mixture of manmade materials provided at the start of the session and a range of materials from within the woodland itself. Ideal for groups of 12 this activity aims to improve teamwork and cooperation.

Nature Walk

Discover what’s in the 4 acres that makes up Well End. You will be provided a worksheet Mini-Beast or Leaf Walk so you can tour the centre and what animals that live within the woodland and about the trees in our grounds.

Price is £1 per person

Knot Tying

Well End offer knot tying lessons with and without instructors. 50 handy easy to follow instructions for tying knots. Knots for climbing, sailing and fishing.

Garden Games   

Garden Games are great fun and will keep your group entertained for hours on end. Games on offer include Giant Jenga, Connect Four, Pick Up Stix and many more. Games are available for hire on a half day basis.

This is a self led activity.

Prices range from £10- £40 per weekend